Why Use an iPad Survey App for Data Collection?

Using a tablet and a survey app for data collection has many advantages. In this post, we want to share why we think that an iPad survey app is superior to web-based survey solutions.

First of all, we are often asked why we built Responster for the iPad.  Well, the iPad was an obvious choice for the following reasons:

  1. Ever since the iPad was released on the market it has truly dominated it. Only in 2012, when we launched Responster, 58.31 million units were sold. Hence, the iPad can truly be seen as the leader in terms of mobile tablet market penetration.
  2. The iPad’s screen is great for app development and overall user experience, hence perfect for an iPad survey app! We have to make sure that the respondents feel engaged by the surveys they are presented with, and this is possible by fully utilizing the iPad screen.
  3. iOS development was really accelerating when we set out to create Responster. This  enabled us to use existing industry knowledge build Responster to be strong from bottoms up.


Just as Apple redefined the market for handheld devices with the iPad, we aim at doing the same for the mobile survey industry through Responster. Unlike many of the other tablet data collection solutions, Responster is not a web-based survey application. Responster is a native iPad survey app that takes advantage of all the benefits of running locally on the iPad.

Here are 4 reasons why you should use the Responster iPad survey app for tablet data collection instead of web-based surveys:

  1. You are not dependent on having an Internet connection. If you use a web-based survey no connection means no survey. The Responster iPad survey app works both online or offline, so you don’t have to worry about the Internet connection!
  2. The Responster iPad survey app only shows you what you need to see; the actual survey. When you use a web-based survey it runs inside a browser. You see the URL, site title, navigation bar, bookmarks and other browser-related items.
  3. Running a survey inside a browser makes it very easy for the respondent to exit the survey when you’re not looking! Hence, web-based surveys cannot be left unattended. The Responster iPad survey app can be locked down so that surveys cannot be exited.
  4. Since Responster is an iPad survey app, it runs seamlessly and shows no delay between questions. A web-based survey often shows a noticeable lag or delay. Each page takes time to load as communication with the server is required at every step of the way.

Using a web-based survey application might help you in collecting the data you need, but as you can see, it has its flaws. If you want to be sure that your data is collected without any interruption or possible problems, you should use a dedicated iPad survey app like Responster. If you want to experience the difference for yourself, you should go ahead and sign up for a Responster account today. It is completely free!