Why Surveying is a Team Effort

Here at Responster we love working together. You know as they’re saying: There’s no I in team. Knowing the advantages and possibilities of teamwork we wanted to project this onto surveying. There are several parts of the survey process that is enhanced by a joint effort of several people. Here’s what we’ve put together in Responster to encourage collaborative work.

Creating Surveys as a Team

If you’re new to surveying it can be hard to know exactly how to design and build a survey. We’ve given advice on having the right survey mindset, how to create surveys that people will take and also how to design surveys for mobile devices. However, sometimes you need to discuss things with others. Being more people working on the same survey lets you collaborate on the survey structure. Getting more people’s views on it can help you spot things you otherwise would have missed. We’ve added a notification view to keep track of changes that are made to your surveys, both by yourself and your teammates. This way you can see everything that’s happening to your survey.

Team Means More Collected Data

Making a joined effort in collecting data means more data in the long run. Perhaps you have a set of venues from where you want to collect data using iPads. In this case, it’s great to have people responsible for the data collection on-site. Theses persons can both make sure that the device is up and running at all time, and can also have access to the data that is being collected. When the person in charge knows what feedback that comes in, he or she can make data-driven decisions to improve the business.

Being a larger team working together is also useful when doing a field survey. As with on-site data collection Responster can be used on an iPad to collect data in the streets. Members of your team can walk around and ask people to take your survey on the iPad. What’s great about using a survey app like Responster is that the iPad doesn’t have to be online when you’re collecting data. All answers are stored locally and uploaded when the Internet connectivity is restored. This way you don’t have to worry about losing any answers!

Going Through the Data Together

Perhaps one of the most valuable team efforts, when it comes to surveying, is that of analyzing data together. From time to time you might feel lost when looking at the statistics. It can be hard to find patterns or even know what to look for. Inviting other people to look at the data online gives them access to powerful filtering and analytics tools. This way you can help each other out in finding the most important results of the collected data.

If you don’t need help understanding the collected data it’s still important to share the results with people in your organization. At the end of the day, everyone plays a part in improving your organization based on the feedback. PDF reports are easy for you to share with colleagues by printing or emailing them. This way they’re updated on the latest numbers.

We believe that collaborating on surveys brings value in every part of the survey process. But what do you think? Do you have any experience of working with surveys as a team?

Take care,