Fall ’17 product update – Here’s what’s new in Responster!

Survey tool Responster - Product updates

Over the last couple of months, we’ve been hard at work on new features and updates to help you create and share better surveys. Today, we’re proud to present a roundup of features we’ve released and that are now available for all our users to enjoy!

Redirect after submitting

Customized Thank You screens are a great solution for thanking respondents for taking your survey. But sometimes, what happens after the survey is completed can be just as important as getting answers to your questions.

Perhaps you want to take respondents to your blog or webpage, or maybe to another survey, as soon as they’ve completed your survey. And you want this process to be as smooth and easy for them as possible. Then this feature is for you!

Setting up a redirect is an easy and quick process. The destination URL can be changed at any time, and can be different for each survey in your account.

Notify your team about critical feedback

You can now set up Custom Notification Emails to alert your team about specific survey responses. With custom notification emails, you can trigger alerts based on a respondent’s answer to any question. You can even specify multiple recipients to route notifications to the right team member for speedier resolutions!

Set up Custom Notifications to alert your team about specific customer experiences.

Add images to questions

Sometimes a picture really can be worth a thousand words (cheesy but true!). So why not show the respondent exactly what you want feedback on.

Responster now lets you add images to any question to help clarify the question, give the survey personality, or to get feedback about the content of a picture.

Question images also lets you be more creative with your survey content and improves your survey’s user experience.

But that’s not all…

While launching new features is exciting, making sure that the features that already exist are also improved to meet our users expectations is just as important!

We are both happy and proud to receive dozens of suggestions from our users each day on how we can improve our services. We listen carefully to this feedback and are diligently working on improvements to existing features to improve the user experience for both survey creators and respondents.

Here are some of the latest and most important improvements:

Improved Survey Logic

You can now branch or add conditional logic to any question within your survey. For example, a customer might be asked about their satisfaction level, and if they provide a low score, you can dynamically ask additional questions.

While this was initially only available for a limited number of question types, Responster now supports survey logic for all question types!

Simplified Survey Controls

Sometimes the difference between good and great is in the details. Based on feedback from our users, we have made a bunch of subtle tweaks to the survey UI that simplifies navigation and removes friction for the survey taker.

Filtering of Surveys

Time flies when you’re getting smarter, and all of a sudden you find yourself with a whole bunch of surveys from different events, customers or campaigns. With the new sorting and filtering options in Responster, managing your ever growing collection of surveys is easier than ever before.

Sorting of question options

Responster now supports sorting of question options. This small but significant improvement simplifies the process of adding additional options to multiple choice questions a whole lot!


Thanks for taking the time to check out our latest updates of Reponster!

Availability notes:

Sorting of question options and Filtering of Surveys are now available on all Responster plans.

Custom Notification Emails and Question images are available on all plans while in Beta.

Survey Logic and Redirect after submitting are available on the Responster PLUS, Business, Enterprise and Agency plans.

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