Learn How to Create a Beautiful Survey for iPad

Creating a survey that looks good on an iPad can be difficult in the beginning. In this guide, we’ll show you some easy steps to create a beautiful survey for the Responster survey app.

Start Screen or Not?

Depending on how you will use your survey you choose to show a start screen before the first question. Here is the fundamental difference if you decide to have a start screen:

  • The start screen encourages the respondent to take the survey with its start button as well as by presenting the number of questions in the survey.
  • You can write a message to the respondent like “Please help us improve by answering some short questions”.
  • You can add your custom logo, which brands your survey even more.

Have a look below to see the difference.


Survey with start screen on the left, and without start screen on the right.

In our experience we have seen that using a start screen in general decreases the total number of respondents, but increases the number of respondents that answer the whole survey (if you have more than one question, that is). If you don’t have a start screen it works the other way around; more respondents in total, but fewer that follow through the whole survey.


If you want to add your own logo, there are two things you should remember: resolution and file type. If you want to make the logo appear as large as possible you should make it 280-by-748-pixel. Furthermore, if you want the logo to work on any type of background you must make sure that it doesn’t have any background of its own. If your logo has one you have to remove it and save it as a PNG. Have a look at the example below to see the difference.

Logo without background on the left (PNG), and with a background on the right


Whether you choose to have a start screen or not, the background in the survey will stay the same. Here you can choose to use either a predefined color or image. If you don’t find anything you like, you have the possibility to either choose a custom color or upload your own image. The color picker, as shown below, supports any type of color you want and you can set the color either by picking one directly from the color board or by inserting a HEX code.

Responster color picker

The Responster color picker

If you want to upload your own custom image to use as background for your beautiful survey there are three things you should consider:

  1. Image style. Try not to use an image with too much content. This can divert the respondents attention from the questions, or actually make it impossible to read the questions. Try something more abstract that works nicely in the background.
  2. Image size. The image can’t be too large in size because this will be too data heavy for the app, and it will slow it down. Stick to images that are 1 Mb at the most.
  3. Image dimensions. An iPad 2 has the screen resolution of 1024-by-768-pixel, and an iPad retina has double this resolution. Make sure that your image stick to these dimensions if you don’t want it to be cropped when it is used in the survey. For a full listing of different iPad screen sizes, have a look here.

Here are some examples of custom background images that we think work quite well behind questions in a survey!

       responster_bg gymresponster_bg eventresponster_bg flight

Button Color

Choosing a button color affects two things: the start button on the start screen (if you use one) as well as button highlights within the survey. Whenever a respondent chooses an answer option it is highlighted with the color that you have picked. Have a look below to see how this looks like.


Highlighting chosen answer options with a custom color

When you choose an appropriate button color we advise that you go for a color that is different from the background. This will create a nice contrasting effect that will make your survey more colorful and alive. If you want to experiment with different contrasting colors, you can head over here to learn more about it.

Text Color

As with the button color you can also specify the text color for all of the texts that appear in the survey. In this case, it is even more important that you make sure that the text color doesn’t conflict with the background color or image. You must make sure that it is possible to read the text since you want your respondents to answer your questions.

Endless Possibilities: Create Your Beautiful Surveys Today!

As you can see, creating your own beautiful surveys using Responster can be both easy and fun. The best thing to do is just to play around with it, try different designs in order to find the one that you believe will appeal most to the respondents. Good luck, and have fun!

Take care,