Data Collection: Feeling Lost? Here are Some Ideas

If you are new to mobile and web surveys we know that it can be hard to figure out exactly how you should use it. Since the launch of Responster two years ago, we’ve had amazing opportunities to interact with our users to come up with the best ways of using Responster for different types of data collection. To give you some ideas, we’re more than glad to share with you how Responster currently is being used for data collection. Read on to find out!


One of the most obvious ways of using Responster for data collection is to create various types of surveys. Here is a list of survey types that our users are currently using:

  • Daily Surveys

Our users use Responster’s survey app to catch up on their customers or employees on a daily basis. Running a survey over a longer period can give them valuable insights seen from a broader perspective. If you want to learn more, make sure that you read our posts on employee feedback and customer feedback!

  • Event Surveys

For event organizers, it can be crucial to know how the event guests experience the event when it is ongoing. Instead of having hosts asking a small number of guests what they think of the event, our users have used iPads running the Responster survey app to continuously collect guest feedback. Are you interested in data collection during events? Make sure that you read our story on event feedback.

  • Monthly or Annual Surveys

For some of our users, it is also valuable to conduct more extensive surveys on a monthly or annual basis. Using either the Responster survey app or the web links that accompany every created survey, our users create longer surveys that they use for more extensive data collection.

Routine Checks

Besides being useful for feedback data collection, the Responster survey app is also used by our users for routine checks on the organizations’ daily operations. Many of our users have previously used paper forms for this, which they have experienced as:

  • Time-consuming. Collecting and transcribing paper forms to electronic documents takes time.
  • Ineffective. Before the results of a routine check has been analyzed days can have passed since the check was performed.
  • Environmentally unfriendly. Using large quantities of paper isn’t the best alternative.

Using the Responster survey app, our users are able to conduct a type of data collection that they couldn’t do before. Gone are the days when one day’s work was evaluated days or weeks after when the paper form had been handled. Instead, all routine checks made using the Responster survey app give you the results in real time. That means that the person in charge immediately discovers if something in the daily work routine is not working properly.

Quizzes and Polls

What we have learned from our users is that the web links that come with each survey can be incorporated in presentations as a mean of engaging the audience. Perhaps you want to ask the attendees a question during the presentation? Or maybe you are a teacher who wants to finish your lecture with a short quiz? By adding a web link to a presentation, our users can ask the audience to use their smartphones or tablets to access the survey. As soon as everyone has answered the survey it is possible to show the results to the audience. This type of data collection has proven to be very useful and is just another case of how real-time data collection can used.

Time to Start Your Own Data Collection

There you go, now you know how our current users are using Responster for data collection, both on a daily basis but also on certain occasions. Perhaps you get inspiration for your own survey while reading this, great! If you haven’t signed up for a free Responster account yet you can go ahead and do it here.

Please do get in touch with me if you want to share your own ideas on how a service like Responster can be used for data collection, or if you want to discuss anything. You can reach me here, I usually respond within a couple of hours.

Take care